Saturday, June 19, 2021


TABC Certification Course Online

Now Only $16.95 & Only 2 Hours in Length!

This website is owned by Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA). PBSA trains over 30,000 servers of alcohol each year nationwide in our bartending schools and online through our websites. Our school instructors are certified instructors with TIPS, ServSafe and TABC responsible alcohol programs.
Get  your TABC Certification  online from the comfort of your own home at  your convenience!The use of our TABC Certification website for online TABC certification is growing rapidly daily.

The cost of gasoline and the time to register for a class and drive to a training facility make the online TABC training course a logical choice.

Enter our TABC Certification Course online here!In addition, taking the course online allows you to take the course at your own pace and at your own time in the comfort of your home. Our online TABC Certification program is produced by Learn2Serve and is a high-quality course that meets the State of Texas requirements (Program #454-508).

"Our TABC course is produced by Learn2Serve. By clicking on the "Enroll
Now" button, you will be redirected to their secure website where you
may choose to purchase the course. 

Learn2Serve is required by the TABC to collect personally identifiable
information. When clicking on the "Enroll Now" button, you will not
be charged any fees unless you choose to purchase a class. You may
choose not to be transferred to this website."

Our online TABC Certification course is now only 2 hours in length. Upon Successful completion, you may print out your official certification immediately.

We are now offering the Learn2Serve Texas Food Handler Course that is valid in the entire state of Texas combined with the TABC alcohol certification course for only $25.00!

The Texas Food Handler course is required for all employees who handle food in the state of Texas. This special saves you $10.00 and gives you both required training courses on one website.

TABC Certification and Texas Food Handler Card Package

TABC Certification  Online Course  for Servers, Bartenders, Package Store Staff!Upon successful completion of the Learn2Serve TABC online course, you may print out your official certification! The Learn2Serve certificate is recognized statewide by employers. No more waiting for the card to arrive in the mail.

Your TABC Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue. We will also submit your training information to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Once the TABC enters your information into their database, you will be able to get replacement TABC Certifications if you need one.

The TABC also requires that you submit your correct social security number and state ID or drivers Certification. This is a state law and the registration page is secure. Certified by the American Beverage Institute

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