Saturday, June 19, 2021

1 Page Simple Application, No Credit Check, Credit Card Required, Monthly Billing, Discounted Rates!

Any business that wants to use our TABC approved online alcohol certification course to train their staff may fill out our business account application by clicking on the icon below. - Enter our  online TABC Certification Course here!

Once you have completed the business account application, fax it to our Austin, Texas accounting office at 702-543-6036.

After processing the application your company will receive a unique authorization code. Your employees will be able to enter our online alcohol certification course and take the course using your unique authorization code.

Your company will be responsible for paying for all certificates issued to your trainees via this code.

The application will be processed by 360 Training – Learn2Serve and they will provide a report of all certifications and employee names prior to billing your account for verification purposes.

Corporate Account Holders receive a discounted rate of $20 per certification! Once you receive your unique authorization code, your employees will automatically receive the discounted rate when they sign up for the first time. No special discount codes or additional information is required.

Click on the Business Account Application Icon Below:

The business account application is in pdf printable format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. Acrobat Reader is included in Internet Explorer. certification online - corporate accounts

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